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Netgear WN3000RP IEEE 802.11n (draft) 54 Mbps Wireless Range Extender
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Netgear WN3000RP IEEE 802.11n (draft) 54 Mbps Wireless Range Extender



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The NETGEAR Universal WiFi Range Extender effectively doubles the operating distance of your entire wireless network and conveniently avoids additional need for power cables or device clutter on your offce desk or home theater. WN3000RP extends your wireless network to include the area outside the range of your existing wireless router by overcoming obstacles and enhancing overall network signal quality, giving you the freedom to roam anywhere in the house and access Internet without worrying about coverage. The product was specifcally designed to be plugged into an electrical outlet, and blends in nicely with any surrounding. It is compatible with wireless b/g/n routers, gateways and Internet service provider devices. General Information: Manufacturer: Netgear, Inc. General Information: Manufacturer Part Number: WN3000RP-100NAS. General Information: Brand Name: Netgear. General Information: Product Model: WN3000RP. General Information: Product Name: WN3000RP Wireless Range Extender. General Information: Product Condition: Not Applicable. General Information: Product Type: Wireless Range Extender. Miscellaneous: System Requirements: Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Windows Vista Microsoft Windows XP Microsoft Windows 2000 Mac OS UNIX Linux Web Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 Firefox 2.0 Safari 1.4 or higher. Miscellaneous: Certifications & Standards: IEEE 802.11b IEEE 802.11g IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u CEC. Miscellaneous: Green Compliant: Yes. Miscellaneous: Green Compliance Certificate/Authority: REACH, RoHS, WEEE. . Technical Information: Wi-Fi Standard: IEEE 802.11n (draft). Technical Information: Bluetooth Standard: Not Applicable. Technical Information: ISM Band: Yes. Technical Information: UNII Band: Not Applicable. Technical Information: ISM Maximum Frequency: 2.40 GHz. Technical Information: Wireless Transmission Speed: 54 Mbps. Technical Information: Wireless Security: WPA-PSK WPA2-PSK 64/128 bit WEP...

Product Details:
Product Length: 2.91 inches
Product Width: 4.41 inches
Product Height: 1.77 inches
Product Weight: 0.22 pounds
Package Length: 7.0 inches
Package Width: 5.9 inches
Package Height: 4.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1939 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 1939 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

434 of 454 found the following review helpful:

3Does what it says, but it offers a slower data stream at the same time.Dec 06, 2011
By Jazz Fan in PA
This unit does what it claims. I purchased one of these at Best Buy yesterday and hooked it up.

My modem/router is at the other end of my house so I turned on my iPad and my iPod and checked the signal in my front bedroom. I was getting only 1 out of three bars on both devices.

After I plugged in the Netgear wifi extender and set it up, which is very easy by the way, I was able to receive three out of three bars on both my iPad and my iPod in the exact same location where previously I could only obtain one out of three bars. So the extender does what it claims, it extends the range of your wireless router so that the signal you receive is "stronger" than it was before.

Now, here's the catch. When you route your wifi signal from your modem/router to the Netgear extender it will improve the signal strength as my results have proven from above. The problem is that the actual speed of the extended signal is SLOWER than the original signal from your modem/router!! This is very deceiving, perhaps unintentionally by Netgear. It even makes a stement in the manual for the Netgear extender that says something to the effect that you should only use the extender in situations when you have either no signal or one that is very poor as the actual data speed is slower when using the extender.

One of the main reasons that I bought this was to boost the wifi signal that my Sony Bravia TV receives for streaming Netflix movies. With my current modem/router setup I was receiving three out of five bars signal strength, 60%. When I accessed the Netgear extender my signal strength jumped up to five out of five bars, 100% signal strength, BUT the overall speed of that signal was 5 to 6 times slower and actually caused my Netflix streaming to buffer which never happens when I am just using my wifi connection without the Netgear extender.

So basically, if you are looking to increase the speed of your wifi signal to increase performance of things like Netflix, Blockbuster or other streaming media this extender is NOT the way to go for the reasons mentioned previously. Yes, it WILL increase your signal strength but it will NOT increase your speed but it will actually cause it to be slower.

So to sum it all up. Buy this and use this ONLY if you are not able to pick up a signal or have a very poor signal, one bar, and this will allow you to connect your wifi enabled devices. Do NOT buy this device with the expectation that it will increase or even use your current modem speed because it will NOT.

399 of 419 found the following review helpful:

5Great Product!Jun 18, 2011
By Mark Lawson
I have a Wireless N router (Linksys WRT160N V2) at one end of my house where my main Desktop PC is located. I bought a new laptop which i use 95% of the time at the other FAR end of my home and the signal i got was poor to fair.
I was looking to upgrade my signal quality to my bedroom as much as possible and purchased 3 different wireless N routers trying to accomplish this. None of them got any better range. I returned each router and then searched for Wireless N Range Extenders and came across this at Staples.
I wasn't too sure it would work but boy was i pleasantly surprised!

I bought it, took it home and had it installed in about 10 mins.
I placed it about half-way of my home and then went and connected my laptop and BAM! Excellent signal strength with 300.0 connection speed!
I am very happy with this product so far.

Highly recommended for those needing extended coverage of your current wireless setup.

485 of 514 found the following review helpful:

5Works great with a WNDR3700v2Jun 10, 2011
By C. Maddalena
I have been pleasantly surprised with this extender. My WNDR3700 is in the basement next to a large metal work bench and under a lot of metal piping. All of this interference creates a deadzone on the other side of the first floor in the two bedrooms. The house is wired, but this is really annoying for iPads and laptops. I was considering running some longer CAT5e and putting the router in the middle of the basement on a wall, but I tried this extender first.

It's a much more expensive solution than $6/50' of CAT5e (monoprice.com), but I also wanted to extend the WiFi out into the backyard. I plugged the WN3000RP into the wall, waited for the green ready light, pressed the WPS button on the WNDR3700, held down the WPS button on the WN3000RP, and the connection was made. I had a new network named MySSID_EXT with the same security and passphrase.

I tested it out with INSSID on my laptop and my WiFi Analyzer app on my phone. I wandered the house checking the signals. In the bedroom I had a very weak signal from the router(or no signal)and an excellent signal from the extender. In the backyard, I had no signal from the router and a still excellent signal from the extender. Speed tests showed no real difference in speed, but Netgear says you should expect some reduction in speed. It could impact video streaming or file sharing, but I haven't noticed any issues.

I would really like to see an extender like this that supports 5Ghz, but 2.4 is just fine for what I needed. I also don't have a lot of other networks nearby.

The house is 1,700 sq. feet on the first floor and the extender provides a signal everywhere. The backyard is fairly small, but I can go about 75' to my patio and still have an excellent signal (that's about 140' from the extender through a wall. The extender is placed at the edge of the deadzone, as Netgear says it should be.

98 of 102 found the following review helpful:

4Home Placement of Netgear Universay Range ExtenderJun 12, 2012
By Michael J. Hoctor
I researched and read the reviews on this item before buying it from Amazon using my prime account. I was concerned about the number of people who stated the product stopped working or had to be reset after installation. However what I found out was that if you put the Range Finder too far away from your wireless router, then it would indeed stop finding the routers signal. I put the Range Extender too far away from the router at first and it did need to be reset because it lost my router's signal.
As soon as I placed the Netgear Range Extender BETWEEN my router and the distance I wanted the Range Extender to expand my wireless signal it worked perfectly. So my suggestion to those having to reset the signal on the Range Extender is to place the Extender closer to your wireless router, and then your signal will be strong and you will be able to use wireless devices at greater distances away from your router then you could before installing the Netgear Universal Range Extender.
I highly recommend this product, if installed correctly distance wise, it DOES extend your range for wireless devices in your house, and it is extremely easy to set up.

676 of 798 found the following review helpful:

1Does not work as promised...Sep 12, 2011
By Swede-o-phile
I'm a highly advanced user; my home network is entirely Linux based or embedded systems, I've been the CIO of a major corporation, and I understand the ins and outs of software development and networking. My setup at home requires I extend the range of my wifi network to cover my house. It's too large for one router to reach, so I picked up this unit for its small size and supposed ease of use.

Getting the unit initially up and running was fine - it was a no-brainer to add it to my existing WiFi network, provided by a DLink (DIR-655) router. So far, so good - setup really _is_ easy. I then moved the unit to a suitable location where there's adequate signal from the router and also where it can adequately cover the expanded space.

Unfortunately, the easy setup was the only positive feature of this unit.

The primary issue is that the WN3000RP locks up all the time and fails to route packets. After running for anywhere from 8 hours to a couple of days, it fails to maintain connectivity between the primary wireless network ("A") and its extended network ("B"). I can associate to the network "B" with a device, but it will not pass any traffic off to A. It's like the device has a memory leak or crash in the routing app internally that causes it to lock up and stop passing packets back and forth. It seems relatively traffic dependent - streaming videos through the device will induce it sooner than just background network traffic (mDNS advertisements, SAMBA notifications, pings, etc).

The only fix is to unplug the WN3000RP and plug it back in, which gets it working for another couple of hours or days. Obviously, this is unacceptable... If, at the same time, I connect another device to my primary network, "A", that device has zero connectivity problems. That network's been up and stable for months at a time!

The other issue I have with this box is that it also does the stupidest thing I've ever seen - modify the MAC address of devices passing through the unit onto my primary network! Who thought that was a good idea? Not only does this produce MAC addresses that don't conform to the proper vendor ID range selection (since the first portion of the MAC address should identify the vendor of the network hardware), it makes it virtually impossible for me to provided reserved IP allocations properly for devices in my house that roam between the two networks, A and B.

If you have _any_ kind of sophistication with networking or computers, or if you are just a guy who likes to stream content (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime movies, etc), stay away until they fix the firmware in this device. NETGEAR clearly rushed this to market with no quality assurance testing and a ton of poor engineering choices along the way.

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